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  • Will I need to sign and register a Leave and License Agreement?

If Spacewhiz has a cyber business center lease agreement with the property listed, then there is no need for a separate Leave and Licence Agreement to be signed as when the Space owner and Space renter will acknowledge terms and conditions of space rental at the time of listing or making a booking, they will be automatically signed up on this lease agreement. If Spacewhiz does not have a cyber business center lease agreement for the space, then the space owner and space renter will have to separately sign up for the leave and licence agreement. In both cases, it is up to the space owner and space renter to register this agreement with the relevant authorities. Spacewhiz will not be responsible or liable for any violations of government policy and procedures on the part of space owner/s or space renter/s due to negligence or deliberate oversight on their part.


  • Who is responsible for damages to the space or property belonging to the space?

When making a reservation either online or offline, you will have to mention the name/s of the person/s who will actually be using the space. In case of bookings for training rooms, you can mention name of company or organisation that will be using the facility for training purposes. It is very important to note that the person/s or company / organisation name/s mentioned in this section during the reservation process will be liable for damages to the space or property belonging to the space in line with the general and or specific terms and conditions of the space


  • Can I renew my booking on a recurring basis?

Yes, depending on availability but for a maximum of up to 3 months


  • What happens if I stay over the time I have reserved?

If there is no reservation, you can go to the portal and extend the time by following the booking procedure.


  • Who do I call if I have an issue with my booking?

You need to check the 'Contact Us' link on the Spacewhiz homepage and contact Spacewhiz customer service through the contact method / information mentioned on the portal if you have an issue or questions with the booking


  • Can I sublet the space?

NO. Any space/s booked on the portal is /are for the use of the person/s or organisation/s name mentioned on the booking and the space/s cannot be sublet to any individual or organisation post booking. If the Space listed is not directly owned, the authorised person or owner’s authorised representative thereof will have proven that they are authorised to list the space on our site and make available for short term use.


  • How much does it cost to register? 

Registration with SpaceWhiz is absolutely FREE! 


  • What if no venue of my requirement is found? 

There are several owners sharing their workspaces everyday, Stay Tuned and it is likely you will find the venue that meets your needs. 


  • Is registration at SPACEWHIZ compulsory? 

NO registration is required for users to browse through the website to "FIND SPACE". Registration is only required after you have found the space matching your requirement and would like to "BOOK NOW". Registration is required for owners to "SHARE SPACE ". 


  • How do I lodge complaint or feedback about the space I have used? 

Our Venue Hosts work hard to make sure every workspace meets your needs and expectations. To help serve better you can review your experience with your past reservations using "REVIEW" option available on your account page.


  • Can I share a space I like with a friend on social media? 

Yes, you can. We provide you with social share on each space page, right below space pictures. 


  • How do I make payments? 

Payments are made through online banking on a secured platform.Once you complete your reservation and accept the terms and conditions you will be.


  • How do I search for my requirements? 

SPACEWHIZ provides you with a large options of flexible workspaces covering your specific needs. To save on time to search for workspaces near your current location, we provide with a very easy mechanism where you can allow GPS to use your location which will customize your search showing nearby places only. Further details can be input along with it to personalize the search. 


  • Will I be notified about booking requests to my shared space? 

Yes, a notification email will be sent to your registered email-id. 


  • What does "remember this info for the next workspace" on the second step of "SHARE SPACE" do? 

If you wish to share several workspaces having the same details, to save your time, "remember this info for the next workspace" allows you to save details for your next space. 


  • How to add videos in "SHARE SPACE"? 

Embedded URL is to be copied. It is the URL provided below the YouTube video. 


  • How do I reduce the file size for the image I want to upload when sharing a space?

You can go to the following site (http://jpeg-optimizer.com/) and select the file you want to reduce the size of. Once selected, the file size will be reduced significantly and you can then download the file from this site and save it for uploading to the Spacewhiz Site