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Open Desk

Need additional work space temporarily or just want to break out from daily routine of working from home?

Rent a dedicated serviced desk from us . Our serviced space can provide you with flexible working solutions

Fixed Desk users get their own, exclusive deskspace in our coworking area. Night-time access, fast wifi & tea/coffee to keep you awake. Also get access to

Guaranteed your own desk
The ability to use the post address on promotional materials
Land line Phone

Have a look at the popular new way of working called Open Desking benefits:

Open Desks train you to de-clutter your life, you can't leave things overnight on the hot desk so you learn not to clutter your desk - something many people find it helps them stay focused and work better.

Open Desks have more flexible terms than conventional office space, so if commitment isn't your thing they are an attractive option.

Open Desks are intrinsically social - networking is built-in - can be a boon for finding new business collaborators or potential clients and referrals for your business.

Open Desks often have other services thrown in for free or at an additional cost. So you don't need to worry about setting up your own printers, phones or buying a pint of fresh milk for your coffee each morning.

Open Desking is a great learning environment - being surrounded by other freelancers of varying experience you can ask questions, learn new things and save a fortune in free advice!

Open Desking makes you feel part of a community of like-minded professionals. You're not alone working at home any more, there are people just like you with all the same problems and opportunities trying to make a go of creating your dream business - it's good to do that together, and share the highs and lows with friends.

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