Rent out underutilized desks: AirBnb for Offices Spaces


As per the findings of Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), real estate consultancy company over 5 crore (50 million) sq ft of office space across the country is has been lying vacant. Indian commercial sector comprising of several underutilized office spaces has now opened up to the concept of shared office space in not only the commercial cities like Mumbai, Delhi Hyderabad and Bangalore but is also quickly catching up in tier 2 cities like Pune, Kolkata, Kochi. Sharing of underutilized office space concept is completely supported by the current commercial industry.


With the high number of coworking spaces and the trend of opening up underutilized office spaces for space users has provided a boost in the supply of workspaces to meet the exponential increase in number of start-ups, helping them to reach their highest potential to be innovative and productive .Today, many more feasible options are open to professionals and start-ups other than working from public places. Shared underutilized space concept brings in the sense of community. Considering the benefits like cost saving and accessibility of infrastructure, in addition to the ease of networking has only given a rise in the structure of sharing of underutilized office spaces. On the other hand, Coworking spaces offer different packages to suit the needs of different space users. The main factor that helps determining the most suitable co-working space is its culture and flexibility in working hours. Not everyone works best at 9 am, for people who have their brains running speedily at odd times of the day some coworking do remain open for long hours.


Coworking and sharing offices is the trendiest fashion of working nowadays. It is cost effective and at the same time brings in a smooth diffusion of ideas. Working at shared open desks can be the right decision which many start-ups and freelancers are constantly looking for, making the right choice could surely elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of their business.


It’s not only about the way you work; it's also about experiencing work. Start-ups are those budding businesses with great ideas. The right environment could nurture and develop these ideas into more concrete plans. Today it would not be surprising to find number of companies from different industries being clubbed together in the same office space. The current work culture is extremely positive which encourages networking, sharing of knowledge and healthy competition. Start-ups are blessed with an uncomplicated organisation structure and umpteen opportunities to grab at a number of start-up events held at various coworking spaces.


The changing trend in real estate market and the corporate culture sharing office space being the most straightforward and suitable form of doing business assures to rule the future of commercial workspace market.


The concept of aggregating best workspaces across India provides for an "AirBnb” for workspaces. There are many online portals which provide the users with best choices be it Coworking, Private cabins, Conference rooms, Training rooms or any other hot desks. Finding a suitable workplace is easy and quick just at a click. At the same time making it effortless for the space providers to simply list and increase their revenue prospects.